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Boha – Boil (EP)


Jellyfish Recordings is proud to present ‘Boil’ (EP) from Vancouver electronic musician Boha. A deviation from the usual Jellyfish style, Boha’s debut EP hovers at deep sea level where light is lost, away from the surface, far from normality. 

Overlooked and under appreciated are so many of the vibrations in this world, but it is our perception of these sounds that is out of tune. When one pauses to notice the alleged regularities of life, mystery and enigma reveal themselves. There is infinite detail in these phenomena, enough to fill a lifetime with curiosity. And so, through this curiosity, the sounds of the physical world have been extracted and brought to the surface. Through scavenging, collection, and transformation, the sounds of normality have been brought to the fore as wildly evocative musical and sonic elements. Boil is the space these sounds inhabit, an energy that induces germination. A heat that transforms the regular into the supernatural. Boil is a collection of four pieces that dwell somewhere in the happy medium between song and sound art.


Written, performed, and recorded by 
Tjomaz Zpeakman at The Cuddle Dungeon Cover art by  Lazy Bones 

Original image source 
Giorgio Magnanensi 

Mastered by 
Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering


Potatohead People Remix Competition


It’s almost our third anniversary at Jellyfish Recordings and first of all we want to thank YOU for all your support and positive feedback. Sharing, purchasing, or playing our tunes on the radio or in your ipod, it all helps!

We are working on our third compilation and we are hosting “Mashed” a remix competition of “Love Hz” by Potatohead People, which was just released on 7″ vinyl . The lucky (and talented) winner will receive a free copy of the album mailed to their doorstep and inbox, will be featured on our upcoming compilation, and will receive some extra free Jellyfish releases and merch.

We are looking for any style of remix. Originality is what we value most, so stay true to yourself!

The due date for submissions is April 1st.

Download the stems to “Love Hz” (

Forward all submissions to

Also, as of today, all the Jellyfish Releases except some our earliest stuff will be available at all major digital outlets including but not limited to iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Junodownload, eMusic, Spotify & Rdio.


Potatohead People Limited 7″ vinyl.


It’s here! Potatohead People ( AstroLogical x Nick Wisdom ) limited 7″ vinyl.

Get it from our Bandcamp :

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-Vinyl Records
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Oh, and everywhere else in the world they sell new vinyl.

All records purchased from us come with a download code for the whole digital album.

Thank you for all the support thus far!

AstroLogical – Truthseeker LP



astro black and white

Truthseeker LP is the new full length album from Jellyfish’s own, AstroLogical aka. Nate Drobner. As the seventh solo release in his growing catalog, Truthseeker is a collection of hypnotic jazz/funk hip-hop beats, full of Fender Rhodes, subby basslines, Dilla-influences, and touches of psychedelia. The album is nearly entirely comprised of samples (with the exception of Passage), and features Vancouver rapper Kapok (of the Indigo Kids), and A-Ro of Elekwent Folk. Collaborations with fellow Jellyfish mainstay Nick Wisdom (of Potatohead People) & Denmark-based producer Galimatias also appear. Have a glass of absinthe (or whatever mind expanding tools you prefer) and enjoy the uniquely cosmic sounds that AstroLogical continues to consistently pump out. 2013 is looking bright already.



released 22 January 2013
Produced & mixed by AstroLogical
Mastered by David Pimentel
Artwork by Tamir Schlanger



Big Shiny House is the third solo offering from Vancouver producer Nick Wisdom. Using his Fender Rhodes, dusty samples and mellow synth tones, Nick creates a smooth jazzy vibe perfect for late nights or sunny afternoons. This is mood music…


FREE for 1 week only!

nick wiz

AstroLogical – Stereotypes EP

stereotypes ep cover

Continuing to roll out our 5th release in as many weeks, this week we present the newest work from the ceaseless talent of AstroLogical. On the heels of his recent solo and collaborative projects, AstroLogical gives us the “StereoTypes” EP  a solo project with features from not only vocal collaborators such as A-ro of Elekwent Folk and Claire Mortifee, but fellow producers Mosaic and Dave P, adding flavor and diversifying the overall feel of the album.

All tracks produced by AstroLogical

Vocals on 1, 3, 4 by Claire Mortifee
Track 1 mixed by David Pimentel
All tracks mastered by David Pimentel except Track 5 by Mosaic
Album art by Tereza Tacic

stereotypes promo photo (1024x683)